December 9, 2021

The Bio Weapons war on the people has begun

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There is a war going on. Some know. Many are in denial. Most live in a state of blissful ignorance. A new world order is being established by shear cunning and brute force as required. The total domination of the human species as described in the bible is at hand. The forces of evil are intent to rule. There are groups of people on the short list of the new world order police state. Gun owners are at the top of the list whether they understand it or not. There is little room for doubt as your door is kicked in and shots are fired terminating your life.


Christians, conservatives, those resenting the dismantling of the nation state and the usurpation of rights long established since the days of the Magna Carta join them. They are all enemies of the rising antiChrist state.


For those in the wings of the new normal of ruthless state mastery of the body, mind and soul; the film Blade Runner comes to mind. Resistors will be isolated and even hunted down at the end. The warm and fuzzies removed from the dialectic like so much carbon, a natural gas, vilified by the narrative.


I know my bible. I know the history of the police state. I know exactly where they are going with this robotic control and extermination. However, it would be nice to see the sport shooting community standing for their comrade by protesting at police HQ. Even a lowly drug dealing criminal would get that.


Funeral tomorrow at 2 p.m. on line.

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